Play quizs and get free mobile recharge from laaptu

Play quizss and get free mobile recharge , enhance knowledge.

Joining Process

1- Go to home page.
2- Registered with your email id and get user id ,passward on mobile through SMS.
3- Play quizs likes math quiz ,fun quiz and quiz contest .
4- Get free mobile recharge.

How to play Math Quiz ?

1. This game has 30 simple questions.
2. You have to choose the correct option to go to the next question.
3. Earn with every right answer.
4. Play this game everyday and get upto 72 paisa daily.

What are the advantages of Quiz?

1) Improves Retention - If you have answered a question in quiz, you are more likely to remember it in the future.

2) Wrong answers help in identifying gaps in knowledge, thus increasing knowledge base.

3) It helps organize knowledge by helping the brain organize material in clusters to allow better retrievalFrequent testing encourages participants to prepare.

4) Quizzes are also great stress busters.

 5) Many students and working professionals take quizzes in between work to recharge themselves.

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